SWFLN 3D Printing and Makerspaces

Affordable 3D printers are one of the biggest technological developments in the past few years. These printers allow anyone with minimum technical skills to create, build and prototype objects until now only possible by expensive equipment. During this in-person session, attendees will see how 3D printers are used and will gain a high level overview of how they work, get an opportunity to interact with one and experience how an idea constructed in software can become a reality by printing actual objects. The workshop will explore how libraries are using 3D Printers as a key component of Makerspace areas within their walls and beyond 3D Printers what maker tools you can implement within your library.

This session will focus on:
– 3D printing basics
– Determining if a 3D printer is something your library should acquire
– Introduction to 3D creation software
– Why libraries should be at the forefront of the Makerspace movement
– How libraries can set-up a Makerspace within their library

Presenter:  Diana Silveira is the President of Novare Library Services, a company that focuses on web, mobile and infrastructure services for libraries. Previous to starting Novare Library Services, she was the Virtual Reference Manager for Florida’s Ask a Librarian Service and coordinator for Florida’s Statewide Delivery System. She presents regularly on implementing technology, best practices and privacy issues online. She also works with libraries to deploy new technologies and develop new mobile and desktop websites.

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