A Vibrant Children’s Library: 52 Simple Things To Improve Your Skills and Services for Children (Orange Park) (NEFLIN)

Making changes in your library is not always easy – there is just not enough time for big, time-consuming projects. However, simple activities that can be broken down into small increments of time every week could be quite manageable, especially if they are making you better. This all day workshop will provide participant with 52 practical activities they can execute over the course of 1 year. These activities will challenge participants to improve their department and their skills as librarians. When they leave participants will have a workable plan of attack they can use as soon as they get back. The workshop includes:

  • Practical Activities Subject Areas:
  • Collection Development
  • Customer Service/Relations
  • Marketing
  • Physical Space/Environment
  • Programming
  • Staff Relations
  • Technology
  • Volunteers
  • Roundtable Discussion & Brainstorm
  • Exercise: Personal Plan Development & Discussion
  • Resources/Troubleshooting

Trainer: Kio Fuller, Library Consultant

Who Should Attend? – Children’s Librarians and/or Library Staff members that are interested in revitalizing their department. However, much of the material discussed also applies to teen or adult library departments and you are welcome.

Pre-Workshop Assignment: List any concerns areas that you might have about your department or your skills and bring them with you for suggestions.


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