And the Good News Is…Learning the Power of Effective Praise… (Live Online- PLAN)

Ah, the incredible power of praise – when to give it, how to give it, and to whom. You’ll receive 8 “praise phrases” that show people you’ve noticed and appreciate who they are. We’ll discuss why singing the praises of your employees helps create that motivating environment we all like to work in. And I know you! You’re thinking, “But I have someone whose praises don’t warrant singing.” Ah, well…we’ll see about that!

We will discuss coaching and counseling before the need for a reprimand arises. You’ll know when to use which technique, why it’s important to consider the differences, and why supervisors tend to avoid these vital areas of effective management. You’ll also be given tools that will help you deal with the dreaded case of the necessary reprimand – and you’ll leave the workshop feeling more confident in your ability to handle it well. It’s an area most of us would rather forget – but as supervisors, it’s not likely we’ll get off scot-free. Why not feel in control when handling these necessary parts of your job? This workshop will help you do just that.

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