Become an Expert Google Searcher in an Hour (Online)

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011, at 1:00 p.m. EDT

Do you use Google every day? Mastering Google’s powerful search refinement operators and lesser known features could, over a year’s time, save you days scouring over irrelevant results. Even more enticing is the promise of elusive nuggets of market research and competitive intelligence out there waiting to be discovered — IF you know how to wield Google.

Neurologists estimate that we humans use a mere 1% of our mental capacity. Similarly, the majority of our search queries are surprisingly unsophisticated and thus the true power of the Google search engine, for most of us, remains untapped.

Learn how you too can become an expert Google searcher and extract invaluable data about your competitors and about the market like never before — with laser-like accuracy and extreme efficiency.

You will learn:

  • How to cut through the clutter with Boolean logic, exact phrase matching, wildcards, and search operators like filetype, intitle, site, and “daterange”
  • How to cast a wider net by expanding your search to include synonyms with the ~ (tilde) operator.
  • How to conduct specialized searches using Google’s many search sites like Google News, Google Groups, and Google Blog Search.
  • How to obtain real, confidential business plans and marketing plans
  • How to invoke the Google search box as a phonebook, a calculator, a measurement converter, a dictionary, a package tracker, an airline timetable, a street map atlas, and a stock ticker.

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