Book Blitz I – Cataloging Library Books (Lee Co.)

As it has been said before, “good cataloging doesn’t just happen”. This workshop gets right down to the nitty-gritty details about how to make MARC records that will work well in each and every truly MARC-based library automation system out there.

Whether you are copy cataloging or making original records, this workshop will teach you the essential cataloging rules and MARC standards that you need to know, and how they fit together. Not only will you learn how to find your way around AACR2R, LCRI and MARC21, but you will also learn these ‘Core Cataloging Skills’:

* How to describe a book in enough detail for your user’s needs
* How to assign useful search terms, such as authors, illustrators, etc. (not subject headings)
* How to choose the correct MARC coding for a book record
* How to decide whether or not copied records truly match your items
* How to upgrade CIP records to provide missing data or edit changes
* How to clone ‘different edition’ or ‘near match’ records
* What ‘bad’ cataloging looks like, and how to correct it.

Intended audience:
Copy catalogers, beginning catalogers, experienced but untrained catalogers, and any catalogers curious about what they might need to learn.

Anticipated goal:
At the conclusion of this workshop, you should be able to do straightforward editing of records that you copy, including CIP records, and should be able to make simple original records for books, including Different edition records,

Recommended prerequisites:
MARC21 in Your Library; Just for Copy Catalogers


“Cataloging with AACR2 and MARC21: 2nd Edition, 2006 Cumulation ” by Deborah A. Fritz. Chicago: ALA, 2006. 978-0-8389-0935-5
Cost of text: $75.00

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