Book Blitz III (SEFLIN)

This two-day class will be held on August 2-3, 2012. Students must attend both days.

In Book Blitz I, we cover the basics of using AACR and MARC to describe nice simple books and provide searchable terms for them. In Book Blitz II we cover slightly more complicated issues, such as parallel titles, part titles, and headings for corporate bodies.

In Book Blitz III we will pick up some interesting loose ends that we were unable to cover in either BBI or BBII, such as:

  • what do I do with typos in descriptive fields
  • when should I enter info as a subtitle vs a statement of responsibility?
  • how do I handle multiple edition statements?
  • when do I need to add a statement of responsibility for an edition?
  • when do I enter the name of a publisher’s imprint (subsidiary) instead of the name of the parent company?
  • more date problems
  • more series problems.

Then we will move on to some slightly more complex matters, concentrating primarily on the sources of information, bibliographic description, and access points for:

  • single works in multiple units (e.g., multi-volume sets)
  • multiple works in single units (e.g., collections, with or without a collective title)
  • multiple works in multiple units (e.g., monographic sets vs series)

We’ll keep one eye on the future and use RDA (the next version of AACR) and FRBR (the new approach to organizing your OPAC) terminology wherever it is appropriate.

We’ll also delve into some FRBR issues as we make the case for:

  • the need for unique citations to identify works
  • the need for deciding on primary responsibility for use in unique citations
  • the need for uniform titles in unique citations, and how to choose them

Handouts with examples and worksheets will be provided.

Intended Audience: Intermediate and experienced catalogers needing training in this area

Anticipated goal: At the conclusion of this workshop, you should be able to edit or create the description and access elements of more complicated book records.

Prerequisites: Attendees are strongly advised to attend Book Blitz I and Book Blitz II before coming to this workshop.

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