Budgeting for Tough Times (Live Online – PLAN)

You’ve just been told that your budget is being cut by 10% next year. Or perhaps you must submit a budget showing a 20% or even 30% reduction in the upcoming fiscal year.

– What services do you cut?
– Can the budget be cut without laying off staff?
– What is the long-term result of budget cuts?
– What about outsourcing?

Is it possible to improve library service to the community while cutting the budget? Budget cuts can be beneficial to a library and a community. We will examine what our libraries do and how effectively/efficiently we do it. It’s time to responsibly make the right decisions and make the necessary changes to negatively affect the minimal number of people in our community. And, in the process, we may find that our informed decisions have actually IMPROVED library services!

Presenter: Arlita Harris, Southern Nazarene University

Apr. 23 2012, 1:00 – 3:00 pm CT
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