Connexion Browser Module 3 – Basic Editing and Record Processing

This online course provides instruction on working with MARC bibliographic records in Connexion Browser, including using MARC field help, editing MARC records, updating holdings, and exporting MARC records. After completing this training, learners will have the knowledge to complete basic record actions in Connexion Browser.

This course is intended for learners who are new to Connexion Browser and copy cataloging but have a basic familiarity with the MARC record. Established, but basic, users of Connexion Browser may also benefit from the class by thorough review of the MARC record editing process and by learning about enhanced functionality such as record validation.

To launch this event simply copy the below link into your URL box at the top of the internet window. Note: To access OCLC services, one must have a WebJunction/OCLC account, if not please create one.

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