Connexion Browser Module 5 – Editing Master Records

This course provides instruction on OCLC’s rules and process for editing and improving master records in the WorldCat database with a standard, full-level cataloging authorization. After completing this web-based training, learners will be ready to apply their existing knowledge of cataloging rules to the process of improving master records in the WorldCat database. Trainees will also learn the financial incentives for improving master records, identify in-depth resources to assist them in the process of improving master records, as well as learn procedures for reporting record errors that cannot be fixed by members with full-level cataloging authorizations.

This course is intended for learners who are comfortable with the editing functionality of Connexion Browser and have sufficient knowledge of cataloging guidelines to contribute quality metadata to the WorldCat database. This course will be of particular benefit to catalogers who are spending time doing quality control editing at the local level, or technical services managers who wish to reduce OCLC cataloging costs through increased credits.

To launch this event simply copy the below link into your URL box at the top of the internet window. Note: To access OCLC services, one must have a WebJunction/OCLC account, if not please create one.

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