Creative Books and Journals for Teens (Ocala) (NEFLIN)

For the teens in your library who like to journal or keep a journal scrapbook, this workshop teaches you to make that kind of book yourself from scratch! A series of smaller books will review bookbinding skills (folding, stitching, covering boards) and then we actually make a multi-page (acid free paper) blank Japanese stitched journal with bound covers in the afternoon.

The book lovers in your group will never know book happiness until they make their own book! Materials provided.

The bookforms range from a multi-page “burrito” book , a stitched book with folded signatures, and a custom cover to a scrapbook employing Japanese or “stab” binding. Included are instructions in correct folding and cutting of paper as well as use of tools and adhesives.  Models of the books are made with available material, so they can use them for projects in school and at home. The emphasis will be on being able to make these books with inexpensive tools and recycled materials when possible.  A longtime sketchbook-journaler, Eliza will bring lots of examples of personal journals, sketchbooks and scrapbooks made by students, children and adults.

Trainer: Eliza Holliday, The Letterist


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