Developing Effective Presentation Skills (SEFLIN)

The fear of speaking is one of the most frightening events for an individual. Through proper planning, coaching, and practice, these fears can be removed and replaced with confidence and poise. If you are responsible for speaking to groups, small or large, this non-threatening workshop will develop you into a more polished presenter. The workshop is designed for anyone wanting to learn how to give effective presentations or to improve existing presentation skills.

Participants will learn:

  • techniques for outlining a presentation
  • how adults best respond to a presentation
  • development of a message
  • effective delivery techniques
  • techniques for speaking from brief notes
  • effective body language and speaking voice
  • group dynamics and their management
  • strategies for addressing uncomfortable topics
  • effective development and use of visuals

Each participant will have the opportunity to deliver a short presentation as part of the training.

Staff from Florida libraries may register for this workshop at no charge. Priority will be given to SEFLIN members. Non-members will be placed on a waiting list and added as space permits after the registration deadline.

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