Discovering Your Emotional Intelligence (Orange Park) (NEFLIN)

Would you like to make your next hour the most remembered one in your life? Are you ready to be truly happy? Do you want to accelerate more positive emotions and put the brakes on all of your negative ones? Are you aware of how others perceive you? And, do you have the capacity to soothe oneself, to shake off rampant anxiety, gloom, despair, irritability, or the ability to be able to keep an emotional perspective?

For generations, it’s been called “women’s intuition”—the ability to sense what’s going on in a situation, to assess people’s thoughts and feelings accurately, or to respond often in the absence of hard data.  In this seminar, not only will motivational speaker and inspirational guru, Andrea Giggetts, help attendees to use “emotional intelligence” (sensory data) to answer the aforementioned statements, but you will remember that with each sunrise comes new opportunities to appreciate your accomplishments and the people who helped you make them—-only if you knew how to manage your emotions.

Andrea’s work reflects over 30 years of human resource development—-both as a practitioner and a renowned business consultant and has helped thousands of individuals turn their values into value-added results.

Trainer: Andrea Giggetts, Giggetts and Associates


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