E-Government Questions: helping users navigate online government resources without practicing law! (Online)

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Registration is not required. More information and access information is available online. The link to this program will be available at 2:30 on April 21, 2011.

  • If you help customers fill out online forms, are you liable when things go badly for them?
  • Is suggesting a specific online form practicing law without a license?
  • Can you say “no” and still give great customer service?
  • Library patrons are not merely consulting online resources in libraries. They are interacting with e-government services such as social services, the DMV and many more. Patrons ask for assistance and sometimes reveal sensitive personal information in a way previously unknown in traditional reference interactions.
  • Librarians are concerned about personal liability, and libraries have concerns about institutional liability if this information is compromised, or if the patron claims that incorrect information was provided by the library. Learn about the types of exposure that libraries face, and how to minimize it. Sample phrases are offered to staff in conducting these new reference interactions.
  • After this one-hour webinar, attendees will:
  • Understand the difference between library reference work and the unauthorized practice of law in California (with a nod to other states)
  • Learn how to minimize legal exposure of the librarian and the library when patrons reveal sensitive information
  • Learn sample language to employ when staff and volunteers help library users with E-Government resources
  • This webinar will be of interest to Reference staff, library management, and volunteers helping users with E-Government resources.

Featuring Mary Minow

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