Emergency 911: Decision Making for Managers (Live Online) Canceled

Disaster can strike at anytime in any locale, disrupting operations, threatening human safety, and damaging or destroying collections. The repercussions of a major disaster can impact a library or archives for years following the incident. Having an emergency management plan in place before disaster strikes makes good business sense. An organized approach to recovery will help mitigate damage to collections and facilitate the resumption operations. Institutions that view emergency management as critical and provide staff with the authority and tools to plan will ultimately respond more successfully than those that have not prepared.
The focus of this two-hour class is to outline the key actions that administrators need to employ to coordinate an effective and efficient response to a disaster. Because a broken pipe will be handled very differently than a major flood, response procedures are discussed according to the severity of the disaster. Other topics included are the components of emergency management, managing staff during and after a disaster, working with vendors and contractors, sources of federal and statewide assistance, and strategies for cooperating with other institutions to facilitate recovery.

Intended Audience:
This class is designed for library and archives administrators who bear the overall responsibility for emergency management at an institution.

Registrants should receive an email offering detailed login and set-up instructions. Please call the Educational Services Department at 1-800-999-8558 if you do not receive this email at least three days prior to the class. This course is designed for individual participation; each individual must register.

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