Finding Diamonds in the Rough: Proven Methods for Hiring High-Potentials

How the Jagged Resume Often Leads to Great Hires

Employers are more dogmatic than ever about wanting to hire nothing but “A” players.

So the hunt is constantly on for candidates with great pedigrees and unbroken records of success in prior jobs. Yet as many as 40% of these all-stars end up failing in their new assignments.

What’s missing?

It’s time to take a fresh look at “soft skills” such as resilience, ingenuity, growth potential, creativity and the ability to accomplish a lot with skimpy resources. During this webcast, you’ll discover how world-class organizations have mastered ways to size up candidates along these dimensions.

What You Will Learn
•How to evaluate jagged resumes and talent that whispers, in any job search
•Specific tactics that work in non-business settings – and show how they can be grafted into the corporate world.
While attending this program is FREE, reservations are required.

George Anders is the bestselling author of five books and a contributing writer at Forbes. He is the author of The Rare Find, a management/leadership book that spells out a new framework for finding talent, and Becoming a Rare Find, a career book that helps people with jagged resumes win great jobs. His earlier books include Merchants of Debt, Health Against Wealth, and the New York Times bestseller Perfect Enough.
In 1997, Anders shared the Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. His journalistic career includes many years as a top feature writer for the Wall Street Journal. A founding member of the Bloomberg View board of editors, he was Silicon Valley bureau chief for Fast Company magazine.

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