Flash: Basic (TBLC)

In this course you will learn to create and edit shapes; apply colors and create custom colors, gradients, and line styles; combine and group shapes; use external images; insert text by using the Text Tool and format text; use and modify layers; explore animation basics and create animations; and work with templates. (Textbook included)

Getting started

  • Flash overview
  • The Flash interface
  • Getting help

Basic objects

  • New file settings
  • Library items
  • Using text
  • Basic shapes
  • Freeform drawing and editing

The Timeline

  • Layers
  • Timeline basics

Formatting objects

  • Custom colors and gradients
  • Soft edges

Timeline animation

  • Frame-by-frame animation
  • Motion tweening
  • Movie clip animation

Interactive components

  • Buttons
  • ActionScript fundamentals
  • Scripting sound control


  • Accessibility
  • Testing
  • Publishing

This class will be held at the University of South Florida, Tampa Campus, Corporate Training, in room NEC200B. All parking passes will be in the classroom along with each confirmation on the day of training.

Free to staff in Florida libraries.  Priority will be given to TBLC members.

Register with TBLC.

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