Form 990: Making It Work for Your Organization

It is easy to highlight the troublesome aspects of the not-so-new 990. The redesigned form requires more reporting and takes more of your administrative time. However, it also offers you the opportunity to showcase information about your organization to potential donors, funders and supporters.

In this informative and interactive session, participants will learn the positive points of these new reporting requirements, and how the Form 990 can serve as a tool for enhanced board engagement, favorable comparisons with similar nonprofits, and increased fundraising potential.


Creation of a “robust” Form 990 for marketing/fundraising purposes.
Team effort in Form 990 preparation.
How to avoid common preparation mistakes.

Harmon Burstyn, CPA has over 20 years of experience in the accounting field. His areas of expertise for nonprofits include the preparation of organizing documents for nonprofit start-ups, accounting and finance, addressing governance issues, and nonprofit tax return preparation. Prior positions held were with Deloitte as a Senior Auditor, the Controller at Beach Blanket Babylon, and a headhunter for CPAs.

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