Grant Writing 101 with Stephanie Gerding

Grants can support the changing needs in your community while your library budget is flat or shrinking. Stephanie Gerding’s grant workshops are known for being easy to understand, motivating, fun and full of valuable tips. Discover the confidence and knowledge to get library grants. Find out the best method for writing grant proposals, and discover real library grant success techniques. Learn an easy-to-follow grant process cycle, which includes all the steps to successful grant work, including project development. Stephanie will share practical advice, easy grants for beginners, valuable worksheets and resource lists. You’ll be excited, motivated and ready with the knowledge needed to apply the basic process of grant work.

Stephanie Gerding is a nationally known library consultant, trainer and author on grants, training and technology topics. Stephanie has written over 20 published articles and co-authored two books on library grants, including the newly published Winning Grants. She has in-depth knowledge and practical experience with grants, having worked on all sides of the grant process as a grant writer, reviewer and project coordinator. She is co-author of the Library Grants Blog, a free resource for library grant announcements.

Registration is also available for Tips for Completing Florida’s LSTA Grant Application and Researching Library Funders and Grant Opportunities.

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Recordings of previous LSTA Grant Writing webinars hosted by the State Library and Archives of Florida are available. For information on how to access LSTA Grant Overview; How to Establish Your Need; How to Write an Outcomes Plan; or How to Write an Action Plan and Budget Narrative, contact Dorothy Frank at or 850.245.6631.

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