Green Your Operations 15 Ways (Live Online)

Description: Going green is all the rage. It results in good PR, good feelings, and economic savings. But how to do it? In this two-hour online class, we will discuss a variety of feasible, concrete steps you can take to green up your library operations without renovating your building or systems.

Learning outcomes: After taking this class, you will be able to:
– Understand the impact of operations on environmental footprint
– Assess and modify your library operations for environmental benefit
– Consult groups and resources supporting sustainable operations

Registrants should receive an email offering detailed login and set-up instructions. Please call the Educational Services Department at 1-800-999-8558 if you do not receive this email at least three days prior to the class. This course is designed for individual participation; each individual must register.

Technical Requirements can be found here.

Register at PLAN’s website.

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