Healthy Foundations

Can We Create Healthier, Productive and Inclusive Library Workplaces? 

With Elaina Norlin

What makes one organization thrive and excel to new heights while the organization barely tread water with apathetic employees and average productivity?  What habits do successful, diverse, and engaged workplaces have in common?  These questions and more were the focus of the 14-month research project which looked at some of the most successful profit and nonprofit organizations worldwide.  After hundreds of interviews, the research results are guaranteed to be “aha” moments that participants can take back to their organization, especially the work on diversity, equity and inclusion.  So, join me for this interesting journey to move our average organizational work culture from tolerable to good to great.    

Ms. Norlin is currently the Professional Development/DEI Coordinator for the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries. She is an accomplished teacher, technology and leadership development trainer and writer with extensive leadership experience and a flair for public relations, sales and communications. To date, she has delivered over 40 workshops, training sessions, presentations and institutes both nationally and internationally on marketing, web usability design, employee engagement, strategic influence and conflict management. Self-motivated and results oriented, she is well known for my ability to juggle many projects at once. She is author of 3 books Usability Testing for Library Websites, E-Learning and Business Plans: National and International Case Studies and The Six Steps to Library Employee Engagement (2021) 

More Than Programs: Marketing Library Services, Collections, Spaces, and More

With Cordelia Anderson

Programs have become a popular offering among library employees and customers alike. However, most libraries spend the bulk of their budgets on three things: employees, books and buildings. So why do we spend the bulk of our time marketing programs? In this session we will discuss how to expand your marketing efforts to include and even prioritize other offerings such as collections, online resources, physical spaces and staff expertise. Using real examples, we’ll review how marketing and communications are essential to supporting and communicating a library’s strategic priorities. Finally, we will explore how this broader approach can actually help to strengthen your library’s reputation and brand.

Cordelia Anderson is the author of Library Marketing and Communications: Strategies to Increase Relevance and Results, available from ALA Editions. As CEO of Cordelia Anderson Consulting, Cordelia works with public and academic libraries as well as other organizations. She has more than twenty years of experience creating marketing and communications strategies for highly visible public organizations. During her decade as Director of Marketing & Communications for Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, she implemented innovative marketing and communications strategies that earned her team the inaugural Library Journal Marketer of the Year Award and two John Cotton Dana Awards. She has extensive experience as a public speaker and trainer, and has spoken at many meetings and conferences.

Sharpening Your Organizational Skills

With Linda Bruno

If you scroll through online self-help headlines or scan the titles of articles in major magazines, you’ve probably read something recently on the ONE thing you MUST do to become organized – and that ONE thing changes with each new writer’s perspective! Maybe you’ve even tried some of those techniques – but they not only left you unorganized, but feeling like you had failed. 

Here’s a secret you really need to know – there really are no “ONE-size-fits-all” rules for becoming organized – isn’t that a relief?? In this information-packed session, you’ll learn about what you can do to be more organized, not what “they” say you should do!  

We’ll look at your desk, your calendar, and your files. Which do you struggle with? How can you make sure your calendar is working for you and not against you? How can you make your filing system more efficient? 

Then we’ll spend some time with specific tips that will help you get started on your organizational journey. We will discuss techniques that will help you feel more in control, more organized, and more at peace with your surroundings – and isn’t that what we’re all looking for when we try to become more organized?

This session will include dozens of invaluable suggestions – you’re sure to find several that will help you in your organizational journey!

Bio to come