Helping Your Patrons and Staff Cope with Library Changes (Gainesville) (NEFLIN)

Friday, August 26, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm at Millhopper Library, Alachua County Library District, Gainesville
Libraries are facing so many challenges and changes today it can be difficult for both library staff and patrons to accept.

Changes may involve the threat of reduced library hours, branch closings, staff cuts and limiting services and programming. How can we help our patrons manage emotional resistances and reactions to these changes? How can we plan for and cope with the impact this will have on staff? How you respond to resistance externally and internally will impact the acceptance of changes in the community.

This workshop will give you tools to identify the changes that will occur and decide how these changes are best communicated, including helping you:

  • Fortify workers and patrons with information to cope with library changes
  • Prepare staff to facilitate responses/questions from patrons who expect their library to be as it has always been and to provide what it has always provided
  • Cope with emotional reactions
  • Proactively prepare an approach to identify and communicate reactions to changes in library services, staffing, programs and availability

Management tools include:

  • Change model to help gain perspective and understand the process
  • 5 Things that Change During Change
  • Brainstorming new solutions to new challenges

Trainer: Lauren Burnett, The Center for Inner Quality

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