Image IS Everything (TBLC)

Casual Fridays. Email. Text messaging. The idea of image in appearance, communications, or actions seems as outdated as, hmmmmm… I don’t know – let’s say eating right and exercising to lose weight.

But wait! Experts are still saying that eating right and exercising are and always have been the best ways to lose weight. Just as other experts are still saying that our image can have a tremendous affect on how we are perceived by customers, co-workers and supervisors – and maybe most importantly, how we see ourselves.

In this encouraging workshop, we’ll discuss not only the importance of how we dress, but also the importance of how we speak, carry ourselves, and communicate with others. We’ll discover the best ways to make a great first – and lasting – impression, and consider some ways we might be able to improve our image. Along the way, we’ll talk about how image can set us apart – in a good way!

Don’t miss this enlightening and thought-provoking workshop!

Free to staff in Florida libraries.  Priority will be given to TBLC members.

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