Improving Workplace Relationships: Effectively Communicating with People Who Are Different Than You (Online) (NEFLIN)

Everyone knows it’s important to communicate effectively with others in the library. Effective interpersonal communication in the workplace plays a very significant role in the smooth running of any library type. It has been said, “that similarities bring people together,” yet it is how we handle our differences that will determine if we will succeed or fail. If you haven’t been able to adjust your communication style to the needs of people that are different than you, you’re likely to face tough communication challenges in the workplace (and in life). This webinar focuses on improving your communication skills by helping you understand your style and the needs of others. An assessment is included. Participants will learn and begin to master:

  • Effective communication with each of the 4 communication styles
  • The 7-38-55 formula of communication
  • Using “The Platinum Rule” for better communication outcomes

Virtual Trainer: Ned Parks, People Connect Institute


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