Innovative Use of Skill-based Volunteers in Public Libraries (Online)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011, from 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. EDT

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There is a growing number of younger members of our communities (the “net-generation”) who are highly skilled with technology and the internet but view local public libraries as nice community amenities with little relevance to their “tip of the finger” world of information. There is also a notable increase in semi-retired, computer literate, actively engaged Baby Boomers. These two groups can be tapped to become the new volunteer base for libraries. Members of the net-generation will volunteer if they can use their expertise and professional skills to make a difference. The Baby Boomers will volunteer if they believe the experience will be intellectually challenging. By engaging these “new volunteers,” libraries are helping to build vibrant sustainable community support for their library. This webinar identifies the critical issues and plan of action necessary to engage skilled-based library community volunteers.

WebJunction is pleased to host this webinar in collaboration with ALA TechSource, moderated by Eileen Dumas and Preston Driggers, co-authors of Managing Library Volunteers. Panelists include Gail Zachariah, head of youth and community services, Keene Public Library (NH); and Sonja Plummer-Morgan, director, Mark & Emily Turner Memorial Library (ME).

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