SWFLN Kapco Book Repair Workshop

Looking to repair some books at your library? Tired of dealing with fragile paperbacks and hardcover books that are nearing their demise? Come one, come all, to this in-service book repair workshop! This hands-on event will provide you with tips on how to prevent damage to three vulnerable areas of a book: the spine, inner hinge, and corners. You will also have the opportunity to fix some of your very own books with new and innovative products offered by Kapco Book Protection.

This workshop is designed to demonstrate quick and easy techniques for extending shelf life on general circulating materials. Prevention is the key, but we will be addressing specific, common repairs: re-inserting loose pages, broken spines, torn header caps, ripped and torn pages.

Presenter: Tim Weber, Kapco Book Protection

Each participant is asked to bring: one or two paperback books, preferably new or new-like, to demonstrate covering techniques: a hardbound book with a book jacket to demonstrate application of book jacket covers; a stapled book or magazine; one hardbound book that needs repair and a “naked” hardbound book; i.e., a hardbound book that does NOT have a book jacket cover.

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