Keeping Your Balance in the Midst of Change (Gainesville) (NEFLIN)

Friday, January 14, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm, Millhopper Library, Gainesville
When is the last time you experienced a change? Last week? Yesterday? Five minutes ago??
Change, of course, is inevitable. We have changes in automation systems, technology changes, changes in work schedules, even our patrons change. The stress of change is compounded by our tendency to rush – rush to do this, hurry to get somewhere. It seems as if every single minute of every single day is packed full with a list of “have-tos,” “should-dos” and “musts.” And the list keeps changing!
Join popular trainer Linda Bruno for this workshop that will not only discuss the reasons for change, but why most of us resist it. We’ll learn how to deal with that resistance – in ourselves and others. Along the way, we’ll also discover how to deal with the changes we all face every day. And for those occasions when the stress of hurrying through life becomes too much, we will learn how to take control of life. As a bonus, you’ll receive an extensive list of ways you, too, can return much-needed balance to your life. Everyone in your library should attend.
The morning module discusses change in depth; not only why it’s hard to deal with, but why it’s important that every organization change. Then we discuss HOW to deal with it:
  • Let’s talk about change
  • Why is it so difficult to deal with change?
  • Avoiding the “Resistance Trap”
  • How can I adjust to the changes around me – and help others adjust?
The afternoon module focuses on the stress so prevalent in our society today – stress from changes, stress from over-commitment, etc. Participants are offered real-world – and realistic – tips on how to deal with the stress we encounter.
  • Are you STRESSED??
  • YOU, Inc.
  • Are you afflicted with hurry disease?
  • Just say NO!
  • Take control
  • Real life tips and techniques
Trainer: Linda Bruno, Library Consultant

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