Let’s Get Crazy! Library Programs On and Over the Edge (Infopeople) (SWFLN)

•Do you want to surprise your community with exceptional programs?
•Are you curious to learn what new and unexpected programs other libraries are doing?

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and book the same old performers and speakers. Why not break out of your comfort zone and develop programs that are striking, original, and important! Start asking bigger questions in order to make a bigger impact in your community. But first – get thee to this webinar with other library staff who are reaching for the crazy switch!

Before the 60 minutes are up, attendees will:

•Know what a “crazy” program looks like and when a program is not “crazy” enough
•Acquire new tools and a new perspective for developing more impactful and experimental programs
•Learn about libraries that have successfully delivered innovative programs
•Be able to apply the ideas in this presentation to programs at their libraries to better serve their communities

This one-hour webinar will be of interest to any library staff member involved in bringing programs to their community.

Copy and paste the below link into your URL box at the top of the internet window. Select “Join Webinar” to launch the webinar.


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