Libraries, We Mean Business: Best Ideas from LJ’s Best Business

•Have you been called on to be a library leader or manager?
•Are you responsible for marketing?
•Do you have an interest in organizational dynamics?
•Looking for ways to stay aware of ideas and approaches from current business literature?
As libraries are seeking ways to meet the needs of their communities in a challenging economy, leaders can turn to best business models and practices for ideas and inspiration.

During this webinar, presenters will review Library Journal’s 2010 Best Business Books of the year; select and discuss relevant techniques and strategies from books pertaining to management, leadership, marketing and organizational dynamics; and provide practical examples for applying these practices in your own library.

At the end of this one-hour webinar, participants will:

•Be familiar with the latest literature on management, leadership, marketing, and organizational dynamics.
•Be able to identify and apply smart business models and innovative practices for the library environment.
•Acquire ideas for implementing change and marketing strategies.
•Be familiar with effective management and supervision tools and techniques.
This webinar will be of interest to library staff in any type of library who want to lead, implement change, and increase visibility of their library services.

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