NEFLIN Mobile Tech Challenge


Mobile Tech Challenge or How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse With Just Your Mobile Device

Are you looking for new ways to get away from printing all those emails, survey forms and those multiple handouts? Ready to go green and shift to digital copies? Then join us for a session that explores new (and easy) ways to integrate digital platforms, mobile applications and online resources and become less print dependent.  Way, way less print dependent!

Since high tech stuff is guaranteed to make some people’s eyes glaze over, we’ll up the ante in class by showing you how you could (and why you should) go paperless after the Zombie Apocalypse when your library and few others are the sole remaining bastions of humanity.  If our ideas work under that kind of pressure, you know they’ll work in your everyday life.

Join Jessica Riggins and Tech-Guru Al Carlson to learn more about your mobile device.

You thought we taught you a LOT in the Technology Road Show in 2013 – wait until we prepare you to go paperless! Bring your mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, etc.  You’ll leave with great new ideas for relying on your device and not on paper.

Trainers: Al Carlson, Algin Solutions and Jessie Riggins, TBLC


Cost: NEFLIN classes are free of charge for Florida library staff. Registration is required for all classes and NEFLIN members get priority.

Cancellation Deadline is 9 am on Friday, June 20.
Otherwise, no show fees may apply. See all NEFLIN CE policies at

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