Open Access E-Journals and Digital Collections: What is Out There?

Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) that provides free access to just 3957 journals is perhaps the most well known and reliable full text collection but most of the librarians may not be aware of several free e-journal collections made available by publishers, universities, digitization projects, Internet libraries, and via open access initiatives of several government departments of USA and many other countries all over the world.
Main objectives of this presentation are to:
• inform attendees about 89 open access e-journal collections that provide full text access to more than 29,300 e-journals
• explain process of establishing online access
• list strategies for advertising such collections, and
• provide tips on dealing with expectations of librarians, patrons and faculty.
Presenter shares practical wisdom gained during the project of setting up access to free-e-journal collections so attendees will know what to expect. Discussion topics include:
1. Proxy and IP ranges issues
2. Use of ERMS or library web site
3. MARC records
4. Types of collections: current, historical, digital, mix of free and priced collections
5. Full text issues: errors and missing content, user registrations and image signatures
6. Search Interfaces: owned, collaborated, or leading to other
vendor portals
7. Free publisher collections that collaborate with commercial vendors: what to expect, especially if you already subscribe to their commercial products
8. PDFs: various languages, complete articles, full journal or page by page formats
9. International collections: web site designs, virus issues and pop blockers
10. Government collections: currency and missing documents
11. Beta collections: what happens when they move to pricing models?
12. Special equipment or monitor needs
13. Problems: Language issues, download times & http errors

Attendees will receive:
1. Copy of the presentation
2. List of free e-journal collections with

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