Planning for a Service Disruption (TBLC) (online)

Libraries are vulnerable to many kinds of service disruptions, whether from natural disasters, intentional disasters, health-related disasters, such as a pandemic, or a structural defect, such as a leaking water pipe. Is your library prepared for a service disruption? Will you be able to continue to offer your core services and resources to your community of users when that disruption occurs?

This two-hour class focuses on strategies that can be employed to help maintain core services and resources from the time of the incident until the time the library resumes normal operations. Participants will conduct a risk assessment exercise for their location, determine their current level of preparedness, and will perform a scenario filter exercise that can be use to help determine core services. In addition, participants will learn about the roles commercial salvage companies and local and regional networks can play to speed the return to normalcy.

Registrations for this class must be received at least one week before the class date. Registrants should receive an email offering detailed login and setup instructions.

Free to staff working in Florida libraries.  Priority will be given to TBLC  members.

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