Prepare Training Foundation Course

Respect, Service and Safety at Work foundation course is a four hour course designed to give library employees tools to aid them when facing individuals who become uncooperative or resistive. It is important to note that “individuals” may be referred to as our customers as well as our coworkers. The foundation course covers nonverbal behavior, paraverbal communication, verbal intervention, and violence response procedures. The basis of the course work is designed around two models. The Crisis Development Model discusses three distinct and identifiable behavior levels and the appropriate corresponding staff responses. The Verbal Escalation Continuum elaborates on the different levels of defensive behavior. Throughout the course, the focus is to reduce the tension in any situation in order to achieve a positive result.

At times, people may think this course teaches self-defense tactics. It does not. It does teach the skills one can use to verbally and behaviorally respond to a situation in a calm and effective manner.

To register, please visit the SWFLN CE calendar at the link below.

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