SWFLN Programming with Origami

Origami programming supports STEM, STEAM, and Common Core programming initiatives. In the course of the class, library staff will learn how to read an origami diagram and will learn basic to intermediate origami folding techniques. This workshop will also provide you with everything you need to know to set up your own programs, including tips for age appropriateness and classroom setup, materials lists, related books and media connections, and origami diagrams for programs appropriate for various age groups.

Academic Library staff will be able to teach basic origami techniques in a program that supports STEM initiatives, encourages geometric thinking, and engages students in hands-on explorations of mathematics.

Public Library staff will find this training a beneficial experience, providing them with the opportunity to engage all ages of library patrons. Additionally, origami is a great program for outreach! Take the skills you learn in this class on the road to local schools and senior centers to build new relationships in your community.

School Librarians and Media Specialists will leave this workshop with the skills they need to create programs in the school library that will engage students in a hands-on exploration of geometry and mathematics. Origami is also an excellent gateway into cross cultural explorations in support of Common Core standards.

Special Librarians will learn how to create programs at their facility that will engage children and adults while allowing them to express themselves and relax. The program materials presented are appropriate for children, teens, and adults.

Presenter:Artistic Literacy

Artistic Literacy is a group of librarians, artists, and educators who are committed to teaching others how to connect art to literacy through programming. Elizabeth McConney and Amber Holley both have years of experience working in libraries and providing programs for teens and tweens.

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