Questions and Answers on Completing the Online State Aid Application

The Division of Library and Information Services will be implementing an online application process for the Fiscal Year 2013-2014 State Aid to Libraries Grant Applications. Applications must be submitted using the Florida Libraries and Grants System (

As a follow up to the webinar Completing the Online State Aid Application, Marian Deeney, Grants Program Manager, will be available to answer questions regarding the online State Aid application or State Aid to Libraries Grant program questions.

These sessions are intended to provide answers to questions that you may have encountered while completing the online State Aid application. You can attend either one or both of the sessions.

If you were unable to participate in the original webinar which discusses each component of the entire application, it is recommended that you review the recording prior to this session. For more information about these sessions, contact Marian Deeney at or 850.245.6620.

Event number: 643 462 071


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