Responding, Not Reacting to the Pressures of Life (Online) (NEFLIN)

Wednesday, August 31, 1:00 – 2:00 pm on your DESKTOP
This webinar will help you change your life!  In this fast-paced webinar taught by Robert Mallon, you’ll learn why you react the way you do, what real emotional control is, the root causes of your “feelings,” and how to take significant control of your life. You’ll learn several techniques to help you remain calm and in control in highly emotional situations including an easy-to-use model that will have you permanently responding the ‘right” way.  As a result of attending this webinar, you have more respect from those around you, learn how to control your own stress levels, have more energy, and increase your own self-respect and confidence.

Virtual Trainer: Robert Mallon, People Connect Institute

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