Right Service at the Right Time (PLAN)

Do you like being Right? Then you need to be a part of the Right Service at the Right Time!

The Right Service at the Right Time is an easy to use resource that connects people with e-gov and social services. And now, we are bringing the Right Service right to you! On July 24, we will be offering a workshop to get you on the right path. The workshop, 9-12, will cover what Right Service is, why it is important, how to participate, how to use it, free and inexpensive ways to promote it, and other great info. Part of the workshop will be a hands on session, navigating the library and service provider consoles, creating user accounts, managing services and finding and entering resources. Please bring a few resources (service provider information) with you to enter into the database – for example, information about your local Goodwill industries location, what services they offer, address, eligibility requirements, etc. Or just bring the urls for the services you refer customers to.

July 24, 2012
9:00 am – 12:00 pm CT

Register at PLAN’s website.

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