Rudimentary RDA (SEFLIN)

Don’t panic. Just because we are holding this workshop, it doesn’t mean RDA is actually here yet. RDA is still ‘coming’, maybe, probably, as far as we can tell, eventually. But enough of you have been asking for ‘something about RDA’ that we have decided that it is time to get you started. So, this is a start on learning about the basics (the ‘rudiments’) of RDA.

In the course of the workshop, we intend to answer the following questions:

  • What is RDA, who is responsible for it, and when might we implement it?
  • Why do we need RDA, and how might it help the users of our OPACs? This section will also introduce you to four other very important initialisms/acronyms: FRBR, WEMI, FISO, and FRAD
  • What is the RDA Toolkit, and how might it and other RDA inspired software enhancements make it simpler for us to describe and provide access to resources
  • What’s really different about RDA?
  • While we wait for RDA, what should we do with RDA MARC records that we copy, and what should we do to make those records work ok in our OPACs?

Anticipated goal: At the conclusion of this workshop, you will understand the importance of RDA and how it will change the way we catalog, and the ways our catalogs work.

Presented by: Deborah Fritz, The MARC of Quality

Staff from Florida libraries may register for this workshop at no charge. Priority will be given to SEFLIN members. Non-members will be placed on a waiting list and added as space permits after the registration deadline.

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