Strategies for Success: Board Member Recruitment/Retention

Don’t have the board members you need to serve the organization and can’t keep the great ones you have recruited? Building a strong and reliable nonprofit board of directors is no easy task, but leveraging simple best practices and innovative strategies can mean the difference between an engaged, effective board of directors and a social club with minimal leadership. There are new strategies and vehicles for recruiting board members and concrete steps your organization can take to set the board, and your nonprofit, up for success.

This workshop is designed for both nonprofits recruiting board members and individuals looking to be join boards.


How to build a diverse recruitment strategy,
Ways to retain outstanding board members, and
What questions to ask and due diligence to practice before joining a board.

Emily Davis has been working in the nonprofit sector as a staff member, consultant, founder, board member, and volunteer for over 15 years. Emily is the President of EDA Consulting LLC and the author of the publication, Fundraising and the Next Generation. She trains and consults on a wide variety of issues including leadership development, philanthropy, and integrated online communications. She serves on numerous advisory roles including Nonprofit World Magazine, Nonprofit Cultivation Center, and Social Venture Partners of Boulder County. Emily has received and been nominated for a number of awards throughout the country. Emily has her Masters in Nonprofit Management from Regis University.
EDA Consulting engages in partnerships with nonprofits and philanthropists using creativity, learning, leadership and best practices to engage every generation.

EDA Consulting serves nonprofits, philanthropies, and even for-profit companies to maximize the most of every resource to benefit their organizations. EDA Consulting helps individuals and organizations accomplish their goals and feed their passions. We emphasize learning partnerships and strategies that yield long-term success for nonprofit organizations and philanthropists of all kinds. We pride ourselves on creative and tailored approaches to organizational success.

As Emily, the President of EDA Consulting, so often says, “we match the head of business with the heart of charity to bring about successful outcomes.” EDA Consulting will help your nonprofit business thrive using creative and customized best practices for serve your mission, passion, and stakeholders.

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