Supervisory Skills – 5-part online series (PLAN)

From delegating to dealing with difficult behaviors, there are a number of skills needed to be a great leader in today’s workplace.

In this 5-part series, we will tackle the most challenging of those skills and give you specific tips to develop each one.
• How do I decide which tasks to delegate and to whom?
• How do I create a motivating environment for my employees?
• How do I deal with the difficult behaviors that sometimes crop up even in motivating environments?
• What is the best way to incorporate praise into my workplace – and how do I coach and counsel people to be their best?
• What do I need to know to hire the right people to begin with – and lessen the need for some of the other tips??

Don’t miss this fast-moving and informative series!

The Art of Delegating (Skill #1) March 07
Creating a Motivating Environment (Skill #2) March 21
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly… Dealing with Difficult Behaviors and the Conflict they Sometimes Cause (Skill #3) April 04
And the Good News Is…Learning the Power of Effective Praise, Coaching and Counseling (Skill #4) April 18
Who’s Leading and Who’s Following? (Skill #5) May 02

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