SWFLN Google Glass and the Future of Computing

Peek into the future and explore this hands on workshop with Google Glasses.  Attendees will get to experience the world through the Google Glass lenses. Google Glass connects the physical world and virtual world like no product has ever in the past.  This revolutionary hardware is just becoming available to consumers.  Libraries throughout the world are finding unique and educational ways to utilize Google Glass as a resource.  Join in to hear how Google Glass and the Internet of Things are changing the way we will interact with computers, each other, our homes, schools and libraries in the future.

Presenter:   Diana Silveira is the President of Novare Library Services, a company that focuses on web, mobile and infrastructure services for libraries.  Previous to starting Novare Library Services, she was the Virtual Reference Manager for Florida’s Ask a Librarian Service and coordinator for Florida’s Statewide Delivery System.  She presents regularly on implementing technology, best practices and privacy issues online.  She also works with libraries to deploy new technologies and develop new mobile and desktop websites.

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