SWFLN Train the Technology Trainer

In libraries, we train users everyday on a myriad of technologies – but training a group of people on a technology is greatly different than the one-one-one assistance we typically provide at the library.  The logistics, audience, and our own presentation skills can make or break any workshop.

During this course, we will explore:

• Creating a logistics pre-training checklist to help ensure you and the location are ready to go;

• Creating effective titles, descriptions, and marketing for technology workshops;

• Discuss the common pitfalls, questions and sticky issues often faced in a classroom environment;

• Discuss handouts, follow-up, and other tools you can utilize to make each class a success;

• Managing the unexpected – from tech issues to problem participants;

• Developing basic presentation skills and techniques for successful public speaking.

Presenter:  Diana Silveira

Diana Silveira is the President of Novare Library Services, a company that focuses on web, mobile and infrastructure services for libraries.  Previous to starting Novare Library Services, she was the Virtual Reference Manager for Florida’s Ask a Librarian Service and coordinator for Florida’s Statewide Delivery System.  She presents regularly on implementing technology, best practices and privacy issues online.  She also works with libraries to deploy new technologies and develop new mobile and desktop websites.

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