(SWFLN)Lee County:The Quick & Easy on Helping Unemployed Patrons

Description: Libraries exist for the benefit of the mind, right? Well as we all know when it comes to services for the unemployed libraries are usually the “go to” place.

It is mandatory now for the unemployed to now enroll online. Presenter Nelson Villaverde will give hands-on experience to show how easy it is to direct Job seekers to Southwest Florida Works where they complete the application process for unemployment.

Training Outline:

Unemployment presentation
New law and changes
How to file a new claim online
How to claim weeks online
Employ Florida Marketplace presentation
Why use EFM
How to fully register
Up loading/creating resumes
Turn-on virtual recruiter
How to use job search tool
Workshops available at SWFL Works

Other Information:BIO:
Nelson Villaverde, the Reemployment Initiative Team Supervisor at the Southwest Florida Works Fort Myers office, oversees a new reemployment initiative focused on helping unemployment compensation recipients get back to work. Nelson has led among his peers in forming the initial reemployment compliance process for unemployment compensation recipients. As a part of the Reemployment Initiative Team, he and his peers have been able to obtain 42% compliance rate out of the 6,400 letters sent to claimants so far in the five counties covered under SW Florida. One of his goals is to reach 60% compliance rate and have 25-40% of those in compliance regain employment.
Contact: L castro
Contact Number: 239-745-3720
Presenter: Nelson Villaverde
Link: Southwest Florida Works

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