Ten Tips for Basic Cataloging (Online)

Making information accessible is the key to a relevant library. You are handed materials and asked to make it easy for people miles away to find them. The power a simple, accurate, and concise record has to draw a straight line from the question to the answer is amazing!  It doesn’t need to be complicated, and the logic in it is beautiful.

Learn some tips that might help improve a new cataloger’s competence and confidence, whether you are that new cataloger, or someone who supervises or trains new catalogers. Did you know you can break the rules? That the age of the reader counts?  That there are times when you should not catalog? And sometimes, simple is better?

Melissa M. Powell has worked in libraries for over 30 years in almost every position available.  She consults with libraries on the social aspects of technology, organizational culture, and integrating technology and library service. She describes herself as an ‘Accidental Cataloger.” On her first day on the job as a reference librarian, she was told that “with your experience you will also be helping in cataloging.” It ended with her becoming head cataloger at a public library. Melissa can be reached at http://biblioease.com.


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