Ten Tips for Managing Technology Planning (Online)

Are you a school or special solo librarian negotiating with your IT department? A public library employee deciding which software to buy for the teen center? A tech specialist preparing your budget requests for the new fiscal year? An academic librarian juggling faculty technology demands with a shrinking budget? Or any busy person asked to make new cool apps and gadgets perform in your workplace?

Managing your institution’s information technology needs research and a written plan; decisions made in reaction to the crisis-of-the-hour usually end up wasting time and money.  And you might regret decisions made in haste. But where do you start when your resources are limited and the possibilities are endlessly confusing?

Learn how to start making sense out of technology planning and make the plan work for you, your employees, and customers, plus, discover a couple of important technology caveats.

Although the focus is libraries, schools, and higher education, this free webinar is for anyone who is interested in making better choices regarding the purchase and use of technology for their agency or business.

Carson Block is a geek who speaks English. He has lead, managed, and supported library technology efforts for more than 15 years, working with public, school, academic, and special libraries of all sizes, ranging from direct technology support to large-scale projects.


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