Ten Tips for Writing Well (Online)

These days so much of our communication happens by email, texting, websites, blogs, and wikis that writing is more important than ever. Author Claudia Sorsby states, “In cyberspace, your writing style is your voice.”

Writing clear, concise communications will set you apart from the majority of people who produce careless, confusing, and rambling documents.

This free webinar provides a quick tour of some of the more common mistakes even experienced library professionals make (and regardless of one’s level of education). Although it is about writing basics, this webinar focuses on workplace applications: what can improve how your words impact the readers at work, whether they be your employers, co-workers, employees, or customers.

Topics include punctuation, jargon, keeping words “in agreement,” too many words, using the wrong words, and failure to edit, as well as using social media abbreviations (texting shorthand) in workplace documents.

Dixie Darr is a voracious reader who loves books and language. A professional writer, editor, and teacher, she has managed to maintain both a fanaticism about using proper English and a sense of humor. She loves to show people how making small changes can make a big difference in writing.


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