The Art of Persuasion (SEFLIN)

Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish I could convince my manager to…”? Or maybe you are afraid you sound like a whiner when you try to state your case…or you’re nervous because “they” have a position of power – whether “they” happen to be commissioners, officials, or your director!

In The Art of Persuasion, we’ll discuss these issues and others as they relate to being assertive and persuasive – in other words, we’ll delve into ways we can all communicate our ideas more effectively.

The idea of persuasion is often confused with “manipulating” someone.  Really, though, it’s simply about being able to convince someone of your deeply held belief about a particular issue.

This workshop will give us an opportunity to look at behaviors that actually undermine our attempts to persuade, as well as those that give us a greater chance of success.

Don’t miss this enlightening and thought-provoking workshop.  You’ll come away with valuable information that will help you perform your job more effectively through the art of persuasion – and when people are performing effectively, your workplace can only become stronger!

Presented by: Linda Bruno

Registration deadline:  06/1/2012

Staff from Florida libraries may register for this workshop at no charge. Priority will be given to SEFLIN members. Non-members will be placed on a waiting list and added as space permits after the registration deadline.

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