Tips to Help You Conduct a Resume Workshop at Your Library (Live Online -PLAN)

If you asked the people in your community what comes to mind when they think of your library, many might say “a resource for our community.” What better resource could you be than for those who have recently (or not so recently) been laid off?

Laid off – those dreaded words. Those of us who are employed can only imagine the fear and frustration that must face the many people who have lost their jobs in recent months. But what can we do? Most of us don’t have jobs available for them even if they have a perfect resume. But here’s the catch – most of them don’t have even a close-to-perfect resume – and some have no idea where to start. If they do have a resume, there’s a good chance they think they can sit in front of a computer screen, submit dozens of resumes, and a job will magically appear. Employment experts are estimating that as many as 80% of the jobs being found during this downturn in our economy are found through networking, not through plastering your resume all over town, and that includes “cybertown”…

In this 90-minute workshop, we will discuss what needs to be on a resume and what we should get rid of – now! How should it be formatted? How much “white space” do we really need? We will also touch on how a person can network – what is it? Why is it so important today? How does my personality affect my inclination to network? You”ll also receive handouts that you can reproduce for your own workshops.

Perhaps there are other groups in your community who are already offering this information to the unemployed. But we all need to keep our resumes up-to-date, no matter what our job status is. And it sure never hurts to learn a few new tricks of the trade when it comes to networking. You’ll find this session not only helpful to your library, but also helpful to you or someone you know who may need this information in the future.

Presenter: Linda Bruno

Sept 21, 2011
9:00 – 10:30 am CT

Register at PLAN’s website.

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