SWFLN Twitter for Your Library: Is it Right for You?

Twitter is one of the most exciting – and most confusing – social tools today. Is it right for you? How are libraries using it effectively without driving themselves crazy? This session will discuss the dynamics of Twitter, decipher “Twitter-speak”, cover many of the key elements of Twitter for marketing your library and provide guidelines for interacting online, with lots of screen shots and examples.

Presenter:  Scott Brown is the owner of Social Information Group, an independent information practice that focuses on the effective use of social networking tools for sharing and finding information. His book on finding information via social media tools, “Social Information: Gaining Competitive and Business Advantage Using Social Media Tools”, was published in 2012. He has over 20 years of experience in library and information organizations, in public, academic and corporate settings. He is also a professional coach, specifically working with information professionals.

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