What is RDA & Why Now?

Resource Description and Access (RDA) is the new set of descriptive cataloging rules replacing the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR2). This one-hour webinar will inform librarians of the reasons for the change and introduce the conceptual foundations of the new standard. We will discuss Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records and Authority Data (FRBR and FRAD), the relationship-entity models upon which RDA is based. After this webinar you will be able to identify Works, Expressions, Manifestations, and Items. You will also understand how these entities relate to each other and why the RDA is based upon the model, and you will gain an understanding of what the change to RDA means for your library.

• This webinar provides a beginners-level conceptual introduction to RDA and the underlying models of FRBR and FRAD.
• The webinars is intended for catalogers, students, and anyone else who has a working knowledge of AACR2 and MARC. The workshop is, however, aimed primarily at those with little or no prior knowledge of either FRBR or RDA.
• The goal of this webinar is to give participants an introductory conceptual knowledge of FRBR and RDA and to provide basic resources on RDA implementation.
• This webinar is not a prequisite for the second RDA webinar, but is highly recommended for anyone who is just beginning to learn about FRBR and RDA. It will provide a foundation for the second session, which will offer an overview of the changes from AACR2 and an introduction to changes in MARC cataloging.
• Participants will have an opportunity to complete an exercise after the webinar.

Melissa Adler holds a PhD in Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin Madison. She has seven years of working academic library experience, primarily in the realm of cataloging. She is also a regular cataloging instructor for the UW-Madison department of Continuing Education and Library Juice Academy and has been teaching courses on RDA since June 2012.


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