Why Should I Care? New Technologies for Libraries and Librarians (PLAN)

At least once a week online news sources are talking about the new hottest thing, but what does that mean for libraries? Should we be paying attention to and using every new technology that’s announced? The short answer is – of course not! In this presentation, Nicole C. Engard, will weed through the newest and the most popular technologies to point you to the right tools for your library. Technologies include, open source applications, social networking sites, blogging tools, content management systems and much more.

Nicole C. Engard is the Director of Open Source Education at ByWater Solutions. Her primary role at ByWater Solutions is to educate librarians about open source software with a focus on the Koha Integrated Library System. In addition to her daily responsibilities, Nicole has been published in several library journals and keeps the library community up to date on web technologies via her website “What I Learned Today…” (www.web2learning.net). In 2007, Nicole was named one of Library Journal’s Movers & Shakers and in 2009 she was the editor of “Library Mashups,” a book published by Information Today, Inc. and in 2010 she will publish “Practical Open Source Software for Libraries” with Chandos Inc.

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